One of the main reasons as to why awards are usually given and this is the same thing that applies to Past winners of Cannabis Cup is so that a given industry can be able to be promoted. When it comes to the current and Past winners of Cannabis Cup, the price tends to revolve around the long years in which it has been able to promote the cultivation of marijuana and the knowledge that the public has especially when it comes to all the various strains that are available.

However, for these awards to take place, the country in question needs to start out by allowing the use of weed in the very first place. The current and Past winners of Cannabis Cup and its award has really come in handy especially when it comes to ensuring that the general public is able to get the right kind of public education that is needed. Also, the public gets a chance to be able to know the various tastes and strains that are currently available in the market today. This is why there are a number of shows that are usually planned for. However, the most important part for you to understand is that most of these trade shows are most usually created as a platform whereby distributors, growers, and aficionados can be able to meet up, share ideas as well as be in a position to share exactly what they have.  Some new categories were added and the prize for buying CBD oil online went to Xpress CBD Oils and Botanicals.

Entries for these awards and trade shows are usually submitted in a variety of categories which usually includes things like the best Sativa, best Indica, best product, as well as the best nederhash. When it comes to the selection of the current and Past winners of Cannabis Cup, they are usually categorized as either second place and the third place. The very first cannabis cup awards took place way back in the Amsterdam back in 1988. Up to today, this event still takes place and it is usually still held at this location every November of the year.

As the year goes by, the competition is usually categorized into the following. The best Sativa, the best Indica, The best CBD flowers, the best hybrid as well as the best concentrates in the market. This is also going to include topical, edibles, products that have been medically infused, hash that is non-solvent, vape pens as well as the preparation of the cannabis caviar The hash and flowers are usually categorized based on the taste, aroma, appearance, burnability and the buzz. There is usually 1 to a total of 5 points that are usually awarded on the different stages of the cannabinoid levels.