Cannabis is also known as Marijuana. It is made up of cannabinoids which are found in the cannabis Sativa plant occurring naturally. Cannabinoids act on brain receptors which play an important role in hosting bodily processes, including pain perception, memory, mood, and appetite.  

Anxiety is where the body naturally responds to stress. It is simply when someone feels fear of what is going to happen. Many reviews propose Cannabis as a very helpful product to reduce or treat social anxiety. Though it does not give a full cure to the user, many people prefer it because it reduces overall distress, especially when taken in prescribed doses. 

Cannabis sativa contains several cannabinoids which act as anti-anxiety. Below are some of them and their effect. 

Cannabidiol THC and Their Anti-anxiety Effect 

Cannabidiol and THC are the major compounds found in the Cannabis plant. CBD is not a psychoactive compound; hence it is recommended to treat anxiety and related conditions. On the other hand, THC is a psychoactive compound that is highly associated with marijuana and used to reduce anxiety. 

How CBD and THC Reduces Anxiety  

A licensed counselor in Washington once said that most of the clients she has worked with were able to reduce their anxiety by using CBD and THC. 

Benefits of cannabis use include: 

  • The user experiences an increased sense of calm. 
  • After using CBD or THC, the user experience improved relaxation in his/her mind. 
  • The user of CBD or THC experiences better sleep. 
  • The CBD and THC users also experience greater peace of mind. 
  • The users are able to reduce unbearable symptoms. 

Some of the symptoms that can be reduced by the use of Cannabis include: 

  • Panic disorder. 
  • Sleep disruptions. 
  • Social anxiety. 
  • Post-traumatic stress disorders or trauma responses. 
  • Agoraphobia. 
  • Phobias. 

Side Effects of Using Cannabis to Treat Anxiety 

Though Cannabis helps to reduce anxiety, it sometimes does the opposite to others. Some users do not feel any negative effects while other users’ symptoms continue to be worsened. 

A high level of THC in the body can increase anxiety symptoms instead of reducing them. The symptoms include racing thoughts and increased heart rate. In addition, Cannabis does not offer a long-term impact to the user. It is only recommended for short-term and temporary reliefs. 

Things to Consider Before Using Cannabis to Treat Anxiety    

  • Negative effects to the body of the user. If the drug is not used correctly as prescribed, it can cause negative effects like hallucinations and increased heart rate. 
  • Risks of smoking. The user should know that smoking causes lung diseases and breathing problems. 
  • Continuous use can cause addiction to the user. 
  • The user should consider legal laws in his/her state. 

Tips of Safe Use of Cannabis to Treat Anxiety 

  • Prefer CBD to THC. 
  • Start with a low dose. 
  • Purchase it from a dispensary. 
  • Consult a therapist. 


Cannabis compounds are among the best anti-anxiety compounds though the user should consider the negative effects. 

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