Cannabis products are available in retail shops and are marketed depending on the species they belong to. The cannabis fraternity suggests that Indica vs. Sativa weed has different effects, and one is more helpful for a particular therapeutic indication than the other. If you are looking forward to purchasing a cannabis product for yourself, then you should keep the following considerations in mind.

Understand your need

For you to purchase the right cannabis product, you must understand what your main reason for using the product is. What you are trying to feel or even treat can play a massive role in narrowing your options. You can also consult your doctor for that case about your goal on cannabis use, be it treating insomnia or reducing anxiety so that he can advise you on the best product to use; Indica vs Sativa weed.

Your medical history

It would help if you also reflected on your medical past because Indica vs. Sativa weed are natural products and can have adverse effects on your health if you have preexisting medical conditions. Thus, before you try cannabis, consider all the likely relations with existing health conditions and medicines. You should also reach out to your doctor or a healthcare professional to discuss your health’s unique benefits and potential risks. 

The method of consumption

Many cannabis products have different methods of consumption. Such strategies include but are not limited to smoking, chewing and even injecting. Thus, each technique used to consume Indica vs Sativa weed has benefits and effects. For example, if you smoke, the results are felt very quickly, but the adverse impact of smoking is that it may irritate your airways and lungs. Other methods used to consume cannabis include gummies and foods, which are straightforward and used by many. But the drawback of this method is that the effects are felt after a long time.


Before you buy a cannabis product, you should make sure that you understand your state’s laws on using these products. This is because Indica vs Sativa weed is not legal worldwide, although many countries now have legalized the use of cannabis products for medicinal purposes.  With Get Kush online dispensary canada, it’s never been easier to have your cannabis delivered straight to your door.


Choosing the correct cannabis strain, Indica vs Sativa weed can be daunting. But once you are well conversant with what you want in the end, it becomes easy for you to choose the right strain to use, which cannot go against your country’s laws on the use of such products.