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Many patients may be eager to know how these mushrooms are used to treat depression; they have a hallucinogen known as psilocybin which alters the feelings and thoughts when one consumes it. Some people may wonder how these mushrooms work and what makes them attractive to the users.

Why use magic mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms are commonly used compared to other drugs as it improves the social and mental functioning of the patient and enables one to feel happy. These mushrooms act as an antidepressant for easing the effects of depression.

Hey Sero Mushroom Microdosing should not be injected, but the users should be aware that they should be eaten raw or cooked; they can be swallowed, you can mix them with beverages, and you can as well sniff them in the nose when in powder form.

Some of these mushrooms look alike; therefore, people should be keen enough when taking them to avoid poisonous mushrooms. These mushrooms can lead to one’s illness, even to the extent of death. These mushrooms can affect you differently if you have been consuming them or not.

Why magic mushrooms are used to treat depression

The Psychedelic drug psilocybin in these mushrooms is used for reducing depression symptoms. It is more potent as it improves the well-being of people and the ability to enjoy. Some experts who studied this drug insisted that it should be used for mental health to relieve depression.

There are new drugs for depression on the market, yet for a considerable chunk of people, they cause undesirable side effects and stop one from working overtime. The performance of the psychedelic drug is much better as it treats depression traditionally.

Using large amounts of these mushrooms may cause some effects on your body, like vomiting, diarrhea, agitation and muscle weakness. One may also experience intense hallucinations and anxiety, but after a while, it calms the stress, exhaustion and depression.

Alternatives for magic mushrooms

Other alternatives can be used to reduce depression-like Funk pills and Kratom leaf, give hallucinogenic experiences like magic mushrooms. These drugs are legal and can be bought and sold at low prices in our companies. Those are some of the alternatives for magic mushrooms.


Generally, the consumption of magic mushrooms is a safer method of treating depression, as there are only a few cases of adverse effects of its consumption. However, one should be careful when considering Magic mushrooms used to treat depression to avoid issues that may arise after using them.

Health benefits of ‘functional mushrooms’

Mushrooms are fungi, a group of non-green plants that feed on organic matter. Fungi reproduce utilizing spores. Other groups of fungi are molds, yeast, and toadstools. Mushrooms are commonly umbrella-shaped with spores under the cover. They produce fruit by shedding spores. As spore-producing fungi, they get the name sporophores. 

Not all fungi are edible – some, like toadstools, are poisonous.  

We have commercial mushroom farming. And there are sufficient reasons for this practice. Let us see why this is so before we examine the health benefits of functional mushrooms. 

Commercial mushrooms 

Mushrooms we grow commercially are cholesterol-free antioxidants with traces of amino acidsThe following are the other characteristics. 

  • More than 90 percent of water 
  • About 3 percent of protein 
  • About 5 percent of carbohydrates 
  • About 1 percent mineral salt and vitamins  

That speaks well of the nutritional value of mushrooms, as most people know them. But there is more. 

 Functional mushrooms  

Functional mushrooms have medicinal value, just like Hey Sero Mushroom Microdosing The mushrooms come in the form of pellets, powders, liquids and, sprays you can buy at an urban store – an indication that they may be imports.   

Different nationalities have been using the mushrooms for centuries, although others are just beginning to notice their medicinal value. To enjoy the health benefits of functional mushrooms, try to use the following kinds. If you cannot find them now, remember their exotic names and wait for them to arrive. They certainly will. 

  • Reish 
  • Chaga 
  • Cordyceps 
  • Lions mane 
  • Shiitake 
  • Maitake 

How functional are they? 

The health benefits of functional mushrooms date centuries back. The users’ confidence in them persists. That is proof that that the mushrooms are health remedies. Let us look at the details of each mushroom type. 

The use of reish dates two centuries back. The users attribute long life and improved spirituality to it. It helps the body to adapt to stress and normalize body systems. 

Chaga is anti-inflammatory and helps improve body immunity. 

Cordyceps is an energy tonic, and sportspeople take note of the fact since it improves endurance. It also boosts body immunity. 

To improve memory, increase focus and concentration levels, the lion’s mane is the functional mushroom. 

Shitake is the commonest mushroom. You find it in healthcare and beauty products, hence the popularity. 

For people with digestion problems and stomach sensitivity, Maitake is the answer. 


Most if not all mushrooms grow in places with dense forests. Consequently, they will remain imports to many countries. However, there is intensive research going on to confirm what users already know and establish new findings. 

We may not have much information on these mushrooms right now, but the situation is changing rapidly. With the proliferation of lifestyle diseases, many people are seeking health solutions from new and obscure sources. Soon the mushrooms will be on everybody’s lips.