Earning from Wholesale Self Defense and Security Products

Wholesale Self Defense And Security ProductsIt is often said that self defense weapons sell no matter the state of the economy. While homes and businesses are vulnerable to crime in a flourishing community, so are those in a struggling neighborhood. You could get mugged because the mugger is hungry and broke, or he simply wants the dough you look like you have. For a business opportunity, wholesale self defense and security products for reselling sure never go out of season.

They never go out of style, either. In looks and features, wholesale stun guns have kept up with the times. Disguised stun guns masquerading as iPhone cases, Blueberry-style devices, lipstick and camera phones, as well as ones that wear animal, camouflage and other fashionable prints, barely need salespeople. Many outfitted with a built-in flashlight or alarm can merchandise themselves.

Everyone in every age is a potential customer for a wholesale personal alarm you are in the market to resell. Security alarms with a dummy-proof, push-button operation are the best for children and teenagers’ usage. Those doubling as home alarms should lure the practical consumers.

Although retailing wholesale pepper spray to women is a sure bet, the men are catching on. If all you do to hamper your assailant is point and shoot, then what’s not to like? It is legal to buy and carry 10% pepper spray everywhere in the U.S. Innovations like pepper gel, guns and foam will attract long-time users. Key chain and lipstick pepper sprays for women remain bestsellers, nonetheless.

Reselling wholesale diversion safes might be new, though not the idea of hiding jewelry and money in plain sight in normal-looking cookie jars or chocolate boxes. Unlike those DIY tin cans, diversion safes have secret compartments, and are weighted to seem full.

When you run a business retailing wholesale self defense and security products that are non-lethal weapons in particular, you could earn consistently. Plus, fewer people will be defenseless against crimes.

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