Marijuana was illegal around the world in the past. This was because it was believed to have adverse effects on the body and mind. Tetrahydrocannabinol (TCH) chemical from marijuana was believed to affect the functioning of the brain. This resulted in people behaving differently after consuming products that contain cannabis. However, recently, marijuana was legalized in Washington and Colorado as it has been proved to have medicinal and recreational value. Most states are following suit, and many are now advocating for the use of marijuana because of its advantages. The perceived benefits of marijuana are discussed below.

It makes people feel good

Marijuana beverages contain TCH chemicals. These chemicals cause brain cells to release dopamine, which makes people feel good. Dopamine has its name as a feel-good bran substance. People who take marijuana beverages may find it enjoyable when eating and engaging in sexual activities. When there is a high content of TCH in marijuana beverages, the brain may create a feeling of euphoria. This has made people going through difficult circumstances to use marijuana beverages to get a feeling of well-being, and you can purchase online here.

It controls epileptic seizures

It was reported in a study done in 2003 that marijuana can control epileptic seizures. The study was first done on rats. Epileptic rats were given marijuana extracts, and the results were positive. For about 10 hours, the rats did not experience seizures. The cannabinoids (CBD) are an ingredient in marijuana which binds the brain cells and as a result controls seizures. Therefore epileptic persons are using marijuana beverages because it is available even in the supermarket.

It treats inflammatory bowel diseases

Studies recommend the use of marijuana to treat inflammatory bowel diseases. Researchers have found that the THC cannabidiol chemicals in marijuana interact with cells in the body that improves immunity and the functioning of the gut system. Cannabinoid in marijuana block body-cannabinoids is resulting in the tighter bonding of intestinal cells, which prevents bacteria from getting in. Since marijuana beverages contain cannabinoids, and they are available, people can use them to relieve stomach problems.

It slows the progression of Alzheimer’s disease

Kim Janda, a researcher, suggested the use of marijuana to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. THC a chemical in marijuana is believed to block the enzyme in the brain that makes amyloid plaques. The plaques usually kill brain cells resulting in Alzheimer’s. Marijuana beverages are relatively affordable, and since they have the THC, the Alzheimer patients can use them as a form of treatment.

It stops cancer from progressing

Researchers have reported that cannabidiol chemicals in marijuana can prevent the spread of cancer. It was found in a study that cannabidiol stops cancer by turning off the Id-1 gene. Multiplication of these genes caused by cancer can prevent its spread. The experiment was done on breast cancer, and it was found to decrease the spread of cancer. Therefore, people can use marijuana beverages as a preventive measure against cancer.


It is no doubt that marijuana has been legalized in states in the US because of its benefit. Legalization has opened up the drink companies to come up with marijuana beverages. People can now reap the benefits of cannabis by using marijuana beverages.